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Ludlow Police to Host Event that Aims for More Harmony Between Officers, Community

The Ludlow Police Department will host a seminar later this month that seeks to promote a harmonious relationship between local communities and their police forces.

Ludlow’s seminar, the details of which Police Chief Scott Smith shared at the Ludlow City Council meeting on Thursday night, will include speakers from the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), Department of Justice, and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Smith said he hopes it will, “improve attention and communication among officers of the law.”

“We want to address some of the attention on policing today, and we have speakers who will address all sides of it. We hope to spark some useful discussions,” said Smith. “We’re going to look at it from a local level and what we can do in our communities. We can’t effect change at the federal level, but we can effect change at the local level. That’s the goal.”

Smith said as of Thursday he’s invited the police chiefs from Bellevue, Dayton, Newport, Covington, Florence, Independence, and Cincinnati, and encouraged each to bring an additional member of the community who will be able to employ in the community some of the lessons and techniques discussed during the seminar.

Smith says that additional member could be another officer, a mayor, a council member, or a citizen with influence in the city, depending on whom each chief chooses to bring.

The seminar, which will take place on August 29, will feature speakers and open discussion. The afternoon portion will include hands-on training and mock scenarios. Because of space restrictions, it is invite-only, and is capped to 50 attendees from local police forces and related municipalities. 36 spots are currently filled.

The Ludlow City Council will meet again on Thursday, September 13 at the Ludlow Municipal Building. The meeting will begin at 7 p.m.

-Written by Alex Valentine, RCN contributor

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