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Covington Artist Becomes Author with Release of First Book for Kids

A pair of mischievous felines tackle the world outside of their owner’s protective watch in Mona & Titter: Best Friends for 9 Lives, a children’s picture book by Covignton artist Chad Turner, his first self-published book. Inspired by Turner’s very own house pets, the story follows the two cats as they travel in and out of trouble while their owners are at work.
He plans multiple sequels.
“Each book plans to have its very own adventure,” Turner says. “This first book is about the two scurrying off to the zoo and in the next book, their adventures find them at the art museum.” Turner’s eyes light up as he continues: “In that book you will find out how Mona got her name.”
A graduate of Columbus College of Design and an instructor of graphic design and art locally, including at Baker Hunt Art & Cultural Center, Turner decided to create a book upon a suggestion from a friend. 
“It’s fun. I’ve always loved to draw,” Turner says. “I am constantly doodling. I feel very fortunate that I'm able to make a living doing something I love – I get to draw everyday!”
In the last two decades, digital technologies have made it possible for anyone with a computer and an internet connection to self-publish rapidly and inexpensively.
With the advancement of online platforms like Lulu, Smashwords, and Kindle Direct, a publishing revolution has been created where aspiring authors have more freedom to promote and sell their own work. “I used CreateSpace,” Turner says. “After my computer crashed and my entire book was lost, I found it easy to work with the staff there to recreate my work...that's was after a few late nights of re-designing the book from scratch.” 
Though Turner’s first book is meant for kids, its success will help animals. “Half of all proceeds from the book will go to a different charity supporting animal welfare,” Turner explains. “From now until the end of September, proceeds will be given to the Scratching Post in Milford (Ohio).” 
Turner also explained how the two main characters show children that everybody has value, no matter their race, their gender, and even their species. 
If you are interested in Turner’s Mona & Titter: Best Friends for 9 Lives, you can get more information at
Written by K.A. Simpson, RCN contributor
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