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Villa Hills Considers Tougher Regulations on RVs and Trailers

If you own a trailer, RV, or camper in Villa Hills, changes could be coming down the line regarding their rules and regulations per two new proposals Wednesday evening in council chambers; one by the Administration Committee; the other, by councilman Gary Waugaman. If the aforementioned proposal takes effect – which will be finalized at the next regular meeting – a new window of 72 hours would be allowed for use of recreational vehicles: A three-day window of usage would be implemented before they would have to be stored elsewhere.

“Whether it’s the winter time, spring time, fall, whatever it may be, you should be able to pull that in front of your driveway, hook it up, use it…if you need to do maintenance on it or keep it there to do something on it, you should be able to do that,” Waugaman said. The main advocate of the plan added that he doesn’t believe in going around to create a situation that doesn’t exist, alluding to the fact he’s had trailers or campers in his yard for years without as much as a whisper from surrounding neighbors.

Councilwoman Mary Koenig said, “Ninety-nine percent of the people would probably only bring it in only once or twice outside of the dates we have, April 1 to November 1, but when you have somebody that has one and they got 72 hours to move it and so they choose to drive it out for a day and then it comes back in. Now they got 72 hours again?”

“Don’t think that…have you ever driven one? The involved sequence that you have to go through,” Waugaman said.

“Well, Gary, they are all different sizes…I don’t mind the bringing it in and having 72 hours to get it ready but I don’t think it’s something that should be, I would rather see a way where they would have to come up and get something from the city to say, ‘this is what we’re going to do,’ and then leave. I just think this is going to open a can of worms and we are going to have recreational vehicles throughout the year in the city,” she remarked across the table.

What will owners of small trailers do within the city? Their "hands are tied," according to councilman George Bruns, who said he “has a little heartburn” with that, posing a hypothetical question to those on council: Where would you go with a small trailer if you’re unable to keep it in your driveway? Most cannot afford to store it elsewhere, he added.

Entering into the conversation, City Attorney Lee Metzger said that while the two suggestions were legally “fine,” he had one concern for each: “The recommendation from the Admin Committee, the last line about not allowing trailers to be on driveways…that would affect some people from having U-Haul trailers parked in their driveway if someone is trying to move in or move out. I know that’s not the intention of what this is but based on what it says, that’s what it would preclude.”

Regarding Waugaman’s proposal, “It’s an enforcement concern in the way that if somebody wanted to game the system, they could. It is difficult to get it hooked up and moved, that takes effort. But if somebody wanted to do that after the enforcement officer knocks on their door, they could say, ‘oh, I’ll take care of it.’ They load up their trailer, they go pick up some firewood and they are gone for 10 minutes and they come back and technically, they’ve complied with this,” he told the councilman. “So, I want to agree with you, I have more faith in people than that but if somebody wanted to make it an issue, they could make it an issue.”

“One size doesn’t fit all here,” Koenig said of the debate, adding that if council could not come to an agreement, they ought to leave the city regulations as they currently stand regarding recreational vehicles.

Per Mayor Butch Callery’s suggestion, the topic will be finalized at the next council meeting because council members Gregory Kilburn and Scott Ringo were not present Wednesday evening.

Villa Hills City Council has had nineteen consecutive months of unanimous votes on every issue brought before them. The City of Edgewood recently acted to restrict the placement of RVs in visible areas.

Written by Jason Finnell, RCN contributor