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Man Who Ran in Covington Mayoral Primary Found Dead

A man who ran in the Covington mayoral primary this year was found dead.

Matthew Winkler finished a distant third in the 4-way race, with 440 votes (10 percent), behind challenger Joe Meyer, who finished first, and incumbent Mayor Sherry Carran. He was found dead near Prisoners Lake in Devou Park.

An investigation of Winkler's death is still underway, and Covington Police could not release further details.

Winkler was a veteran of the Afghanistan War where he served two tours as a marine, and during the campaign was listed as a pizza delivery driver. In the spring campaign, Winkler appeared at a forum at Madison Avenue Christian Church where all four candidates shared a stage. He talked about how his time in the military attracted him to inclusive leadership.

In 2012, Winkler's mother was referenced in The River City News when she helped Covington Independent Public Schools place U.S. flags in all the classrooms.

Winkler was born in 1988.

This story will be updated when more information is known.

-Michael Monks, editor & publisher

Photo: Matthew Winkler speaks at the candidates forum earlier this year (via Madison Avenue Christian Church)