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Where in Kentucky to Be in 2017 Natural Phenomenon

Are you pumped about the total solar exlipse coming next year?

Western Kentucky is among the best places to see this amazing event where day becomes night for two minutes.

The Kentucky Department of Travel and Tourism created a webpage to help folks find the best spots in the state to witness the eclipse: 

Paducah, Hopkinsville, and other far western Kentucky places are directly in the line of sight. Other parts of the state will see a partial eclipse.

"With thousands of visitors expected from all over the world, we wanted to create a clearinghouse of traveler information not only for the area most directly impacted, but also for the rest of the state," said Kristen Branscum, Commissioner of the Department of Travel and Tourism. "This webpage creates an opportunity to not only promote the main event, but also gives visitors an opportunity to learn about all the wonderful places to see in Kentucky”.

According to NASA, Hopkinsville will have the greatest viewing time estimated at two minutes and 40 seconds. The eclipse is dubbed “The Great American Eclipse” because of its path from the Pacific to Atlantic coasts. A total eclipse won’t occur again over the continental United States until 2024. Many of the featured western Kentucky communities are planning organized viewing opportunities and special events. 

-Staff report

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