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In Brief Special Meeting, Villa Hills Looks to Toughen Code Enforcement

Villa Hills City Council conducted a brief special meeting Tuesday evening wherein two First Readings of Draft Ordinances took place, bookended by an approval of a Draft Municipal Order.

On the agenda, the First Reading of Draft Ordinance 2016-K, Ordinance of The City of Villa Hills, establishing a Code Enforcement Board. “Does this bring the Code Enforcement Board back to the city like it used to be years ago?,” councilman George Bruns inquired. City Attorney Mary Ann Stewart said it does not, adding it will still be with PDS and it will have to reformulate its code with the agency. “The statute will place more due process procedures but also greater durability to local governments to enforce the Code at the local government level as opposed to waiting to go to court,” she said.

Furthermore, First Reading of Draft Ordinance 2016-L, allows the city to begin with greater enforcement, and creates appeal procedures and the hearing board procedures for enforcement of the Nuisance Code, Stewart told council members. She added this would allow the city to place liens on property and collect those liens. “Essentially, the cities will now maintain a lien registry so it just makes it easier for us to collect these liens.”

Lastly, Draft Municipal Order 2016-J was approved, reappointing Rod Baehner and Denny Houlehan to the Villa Hills Vacant Properties Commission for a two-year term. Mayor Butch Callery mentioned that two more members are needed for the committee due to the departure of former ones, adding that the Commission’s terms are staggered.

-Jason Finnell, RCN contributor