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Op-Ed: Abby Voelker for Campbell District Judge

On November 8th, vote for experience when selecting your next Campbell County District Court Judge. Vote for Abby Voelker for this nonpartisan seat, vacated by former Judge Greg Popovich. This judicial race has been hotly contested throughout Campbell County, but Abby Voelker is the only candidate with the experience, and the temperament to serve the residents of Campbell County with fairness and equity.  

As a district court judge, Abby Voelker will hear a variety of cases, including misdemeanors, felony preliminary hearings, juvenile matters, probates, guardianships, disability cases, and small claims, to name a few.  As a general law practitioner, Abby has already been serving Campbell County for the past eleven years in all of these areas of the law. She understands the importance of each case to the families and companies who are bringing their legal disputes before the bench. She is strongly committed to bringing all of her extensive legal experience to each and every case which will come before her. Abby Volker’s background presenting countless criminal and civil cases has prepared her well to properly and effectively preside as your Campbell County District Court Judge.

Those who have interacted with Abby can attest that she is an accomplished attorney who brings a “strict but compassionate” approach to the bench. She has been endorsed by the Kentucky Right to Life Political Action Committee as well as the Northern Kentucky AFL-CIO Labor Council.  Each of these endorsements exemplify Abby’s values and commitment to our community. Both Labor and Right to Life are convinced that Abby Voelker will provide respectful and well-reasoned decisions for all parties as your District Judge.

Abby and her family are lifelong residents of Campbell County. She is the daughter of Bill and Pam Voelker, both of whom have served as educators in our community.  She is a graduate of the University of Kentucky and Salmon P. Chase College of Law.  In her free time, Abby volunteers in Campbell County, striving to make our county a safe healthy place for children, families and businesses. She serves on the Board of Holly Hill Children’s Services, and in leadership positions in her church, and as a youth coach. Abby has also committed herself to fighting the ongoing heroin epidemic that has ravaged northern Kentucky by working directly with addicts to strengthen their paths to recovery. She believes that actions speak louder than words and that the best intervention is building relationships to foster accountability.  It is without question that Abby Voelker will make the safety of Campbell County residents her top priority as your District Court Judge.

Abby Voelker has the qualifications, legal background and disposition to preside fairly as your next Campbell District Court Judge.  For additional information about Abby Voelker visit or Facebook @voelkerforjudge.  Please remember to vote for Abby Voelker, listed first on the ballot for Campbell County District Judge.

Submitted by the Committee to Elect Abby Voelker
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