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Op-Ed: Elect Mark Kreimborg to Taylor Mill Commission

Greetings Taylor Mill Residents,

I’m writing you today to depict a person I know a lot about, Mark Kreimborg.  As many of you know, he is running for Taylor Mill City Commission to continue a vision that was set forth in 1985 when he first became a member of the commission. For newer/younger residents, Taylor Mill was much different 30+ years ago. 

-The now Nationally and State Accredited Police Department was mainly a department of part-time officers.

-The Fire Department now boasts a full-time ALS Life Squad, as well as many newly educated and well trained volunteers, which is a significant improvement over the Volunteer Fire Department that was in place in the 80’s.

-Taylor Mill Water Department was sold to the NKY Water District which paid off all the city’s debt.  Taylor Mill still boasts that they are one in a handful of cities in the tri-state that remain debt free.

-Pride Park/Park Place Community Center were acquired and constructed during Mark’s 20+ year stint as Mayor.

-Sidewalks were nowhere in the budget back in 1985, significant strides have been made and more are budgeted for in the upcoming years.

As you now know, this city was built on volunteers.  It’s evident if you’ve attended an event at Pride Park for an Easter Egg Hunt, a Tasty Tuesday, Movie night and the countless others.  If you’ve been around long enough, you seen him at the old Halloween parties at the Firehouse or a Scott High School Parade, maybe even shivering in the cold, riding around in the back of a pickup truck when “Santa Comes to Town” or cutting the ribbon on a new Taylor Mill business that has just opened. 

Here are a few past roles that Mark has served:

Deputy Judge Executive – Kenton County

Kenton County Mayor's Group, Charter Member and Secretary

Board member for NKAPC, now known as Planning and Development Services of NKY (PDS)

Chairman of the South Kenton County Working Group

Chairman of the Northern Kentucky Drug Strike Force

Board Member of the Northern Kentucky Convention Center

Park Fest volunteer

Halloween, Christmas, and Easter event volunteer

Presently on the PDS Management Board 

Presently on the Board for the NKADD Revolving Loan Fund Committee

If you’re unfamiliar with some of the other candidates running for office or haven’t heard of them before now, you’re not alone. It’s easy to have an opinion, but a distinguished track record stands on its own.  A few ‘candidates’ have banned together to incite a great deal of public upheaval against the current administration in an attempt to get a majority vote on the commission voting row, to change zoning for their own personal financial gain. 

One candidate, who is currently in dispute with the city over zoning changes to build a gas station has recently acquired 16 acres in Campbell County, and had the zoning changed to residential.  

Is this the right candidate for Taylor Mill? 

Will this person be around to serve the cities needs beyond their own personal agenda?

Has anyone ever seen some of these candidates lift a finger to help support the city or volunteer for an event?

Taylor Mill residents are smart enough to see through fabricated Facebook pages attempting to represent the best interests of the citizens. It’s very clear that pages like ‘The People of Taylor Mill” were created to mislead residents and that the main purpose is to get certain candidates elected to office for their own personal interests. 

Taylor Mill has come a long way in the last 30 years and continues to evolve.  It needs experienced leadership that is looking out for the best interests of the public and not just a small subset of people only concerned for themselves.  It needs leaders that aren’t attempting to fool residents with social media.  It needs leaders that are trustworthy and don’t appear to be transient residents who will leave the city after they benefit from their own commission voting privileges.

Taylor Mill needs Mark Kreimborg, Ed Kuehne, and Roger Reis.

Written by Scott Kreimborg

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