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Op-Ed: Keep Cameron Blau as Campbell Co. District Judge

When I was speaking with the Highlands High School government classes several weeks ago, they asked an insightful question: “Why do you use the word Keep on your signs?” Many may have read of my appointment, but I realized in that moment that few knew what was involved in the process, and why this word is so critical to inform voters why I am the best candidate for Campbell District Judge.

First and foremost, to be chosen to fill an interim position as a judge, it’s a great honor and an involved process. There is a judicial nominating commission formed of two Campbell County Democrats, two Campbell County Republicans, two Campbell County attorneys, and the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Kentucky. My opponents and I filled out an application wherein we all agreed if chosen, we would accept the appointment by our Governor. I, along with two other applicants, Mr. Hayden and Mr. Monfort, were the top three candidates chosen by the commission and sent to the Governor who then chose me on June 10, 2016. The word “Keep” epitomizes my desire to not only keep this position but summarizes the fact that a representative group of Campbell County having interviewed all candidates, reviewed the applications, and forwarded my name to the Governor who decided I was the best candidate to fill this role, and my family and I could not be prouder of this accomplishment.

Second, I think it is critical that an informed voter look at how many cases that each judicial candidate has in District Court, the court where they hope to preside over. As former Chief Assistant County Attorney for Campbell County for over a decade, I have been responsible for more than 150,000 cases in Campbell District Court and was the legal advisor to all of the local law enforcement officers in Campbell County.  As the current District Court Judge, I have been responsible for approximately 4,500 cases in Campbell District Court.  In addition to the above, I am an experienced general practitioner of law which included, in addition to the criminal (adult and juvenile), civil (involving tort, real estate, contracts, collections, small claims, evictions, and corporate), probate, domestic relations (divorces, paternity, and child support), appellate practice, and I served as the attorney for the City of Silver Grove for 7 years.

Finally, my wife, children, and I are fully vested in this community. For more than 173 years, the Blau family has proudly raised our children in Campbell County and over the last decade, I’ve been protecting our incredible community.  I’m a founding board member of the Northern Kentucky Regional Mental Health Court, and assisted in the creation and implementation of the Veteran’s Diversion Program that has recently blossomed into a full Veterans Treatment Court to assist our local veterans. I am currently the judicial administrator of the eWarrant and eEPO system throughout the County and assisted in the implementation of this system throughout the entire Commonwealth of Kentucky to allow the law enforcement agencies to better serve and protect their residents.  For my continued efforts in protecting the community, I am proud to say that I was awarded the 2010 Assistant County Attorney of the Year and the 2011 Recognition Award for Outstanding Service in the Protection of Elders at Risk of Abuse from the Northern Kentucky Area Agency on Aging and Independent/Elder Maltreatment Alliance Committee.

Lots of candidates will promise what they will do if elected, but I want to tell you what I have been doing long before my appointment, over five years prior to it, to address and attack our heroin epidemic that plagues are community.  By working with local action groups, government agencies, and by going into our local schools and civic organizations, I have not only learned a great deal about our heroin epidemic, but I use this knowledge to speak out and inform our community what they can do to become involved in helping fight this scourge.  In my role as your current District Judge, this knowledge helps me craft appropriate judgments to provide services to help defendants combat the addiction that is consuming them and destroying the lives of the loved ones surrounding them.

On November 8, I am asking for your vote to allow me to continue as your District Judge where I have already proven that I have the experience, commitment, energy, and judicial temperament to serve.  I promise to continue with the same passion, dedication, and 24-7 commitment I have delivered for the past ten plus years for this County, and will continue to preside over a dignified and courteous courtroom where accountability is expected, fairness prevails, and justice is served.

Written by Judge Cameron Blau

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