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Op-Ed: Ken Rechtin for Newport City Commission

We have known Ken and Tina Rechtin since 1976 when they bought their first home on Overton in Newport. They immediately became involved in developing the Mansion Hill Association. They successfully fought against the Northern Kentucky Chamber endorsed Department of Transportation plan of putting ramps off of Interstate 471 onto Fourth Street and Nelson Place.

We know Ken Rechtin to have all the necessary business and financial skills and experiences to serve our city well. But even beyond that, Ken has the needed character and temperament to work together with the other members of the Commission to lead Newport into a very bright future. Ken is truly a team player.

In the late 1970’s, Ken was the Chairperson of the business oriented Newport Tomorrow Committee. He served Newport as Ombudsman and Alcoholic Beverage Administrator.

Ken has been a businessman, both for himself as well as managing others’ businesses. He has been a small business lender, a lender to not for profits and a municipal lender. He has advised and consulted numerous businesses and not for profits.

Ken and Tina have raised four children and have eight grandchildren. Ken loves writing, gardening, beekeeping and chicken farming.

Ken ended his business career when he retired from Senior Services of Northern Kentucky where he served as Executive Director.

Throughout his career, Ken served our community with his involvement on numerous not for profit boards: Holly Hill, Northern Kentucky Area Development District, Executive Committee of the Municipal Government League of Northern Kentucky, Holy Spirit Parish Council, Diocesan School Board, Founding Chairman of the Southbank River Cites Government Coalition, Board of Directors of Saint Vincent DePaul Community Pharmacy and Board of Directors of the Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce……..just to name a few.

On November 8th, we will be casting one of our four votes for Commission for Ken Rechtin!

We ask you to do the same!

Submitted by Martin Due, Michael Dutle, and Thomas Ferrara

Photo: Ken Rechtin
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