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After Review, Dayton Schools Now Ranked by State as Distinguished

Northern Kentucky now has seven school districts rated as "distinguished" after a review boosted one from "proficient".

Dayton Independent Schools received information about changes in the district's "school report card" from Kentucky's office of assessment and accountability, after several errors were found.

The changes boosted Dayton High School's overall score from 76.0 to 76.1, Dayton Middle School from 70.7 to 72.4, and the entire school district from 68.2 to 71.0. That resulted in the district meeting its "annual measurable objective" (AMO) and a change in its classification from "proficient" to "distinguished", the highest classification the state offers.

The district's overall ranking also improved from 115, as reported in September, to 70. That means that over the past six years, Dayton Schools have risen from 171 out of 174, to one hundred spots better at 70.

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“We are extremely proud of the steady progress and growth occurring in Dayton Independent Schools," said superintendent Jay Brewer. "In the past six years Dayton Independent Schools has improved over 100 places in the Kentucky school rankings to now being listed in the top 70 districts in the state out of 173 total districts.  Earning the classification of being a Distinguished and Progressing district can be credited to the cultural and mindset shift changes occurring in our schools and community. There has been a tremendous focus on student engagement and student wellness that has resulted in student growth.

“Our students and staff have done a tremendous job of creating a culture of high expectations and high student engagement. They have looked for ways to achieve at higher levels and remove barriers to learning.  I am delighted with the progress made by our students and staff.

“It is a new day in Dayton schools and the community of Dayton. We are growing together."

Brewer, who took over for a superintendent that ended up in prison after stealing money from the district, credits an increase in expectations for all students and staff, and the district's mission of "Inspire, Engage, and Grow". In the classroom, there is a focus on improving engagement, students' health and wellness, and collaborating with local and regional partners.

The district celebrated with a new display put up on a fence announced the schools' new rating.

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