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On Election Day, Kids in Union Pick "Chocolate Chip"

The votes are in from Union, and the big winner is...

Chocolate Chip!

A class of youngsters at Littlest Angels Learning Center got the opportunity to participate in Election Day - but instead of choosing between Democrats and Republicans, these kids got to vote for their favorite cookie.

Union Mayor Larry K. Solomon joined teacher Marci Thompson in counting the votes.

This is a tradition dating back several years with the City of Union, where past mayors have helped children at the center understand the voting process by participating in a kid-vote event. 

This year’s candidates included Chocolate Chip, Snickerdoodle, and Oatmeal. The candidate field samples were provided by mothers of children at the center.

Children were given a sample of each cookie and then the Mayor helped lead them in a vote and tabulated the results with assistance from city staff.

Chocolate Chip was a winner of the vote in a landslide, although the results must still be certified. 

-Staff report

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