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Op-Ed: Time for Covington to Come Together

This election cycle is over and we deserve a break from all things political. To the new mayor and commission, congratulations on your individual wins last night. To voters, get rest, but do not check out of the process because there is work yet to be done.

I may be a candidate on the losing side of this year’s cycle, but I am not going anywhere. I entered this race because I love Covington and want to see our city flourish. I want to be a part of making this city a place where I can raise my kids and feel confident in enrolling them in Covington schools. I want a city government that understands how to properly manage a budget so that fears of bankruptcy might one day subside.

I still believe in my message and I also believe I have something to offer our city. All of us do.

It is my hope that those who lost elections will not shrink back from public life and that those who won will not try and silence former opponents. As a city, when we experience victories, let’s celebrate as one; and when we suffer loss, let’s pull one another up.

Over the last year, two factions surfaced and the message of change succeeded. But, I submit to you that we cannot afford two factions. We need unity now more than ever. We need our leaders to distinguish themselves from their ideas in order to know that when ideas are on the cutting board, one’s identity and value is not.

In two years, you will evaluate the new mayor and commission in order to determine if it is the change you desired. My hope is that you will join me in holding their feet to the fire because this is the right thing to do at all times.

To all those whom I met with on the campaign trail, your concerns remain my concerns. I will be compiling a list of praises and complaints to be delivered to our next City Commission at the beginning of the year. I may not be among their ranks, but I want to work alongside them because you deserve it.

To all who were involved in this year’s election as volunteers, donors, and foundations of personal support, thank you for your devotion and compassion for all things Covington. Seeking public office is a grueling task, but your support helps motivate us during our most deflating moments.

Today, take a moment to rest, but may tomorrow be a fresh start for Covington where the dividing lines between factions fade away. May our new leaders be bold in standing for that which is right and may voters hold them accountable to do so.

Written by Stuart Warren, a candidate for Covington City Commission in Tuesday's election 

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