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3 Covington Projects Win State History Awards

The Kentucky History Awards were handed out on Friday and three Covington-related projects won.

Education awards went to Steve Oldfield and Sean Thomas, the driving force behind the documentary film, Covington at 200: Points of View, and to Behringer-Crawford Museum for its “Buffalos and Bourbon” exhibit.

“We share this award with the more than 50 people we interviewed making the film - including two really incredible Covingtonians: Oakley Farris and Virginia Kerst,” Oldfield said. “Without their financial support, the documentary never would have been possible.”

Oldfield and Thomas spent a year interviewing more than 50 people, including business owners, military veterans and survivors of the 1937 flood. The film is one of the cornerstones for Covington’s bicentennial. It has aired at a number of venues in northern Kentucky and premiered on Kentucky Educational Television.

The documentary has aired more than 50 times on Kentucky Educational Television (KET) and is available for purchase at Covington City Hall and the Covington branch of the Kenton County Public Library. The pair also created the Cov 200 walking tour.

Behringer-Crawford Museum partnered with Northern Kentucky University’s public history program to create an exhibit for Covington’s bicentennial and to give graduate students real-life curatorial experience. “Buffalos and Bourbon” draws on primary source materials to cover 200 years of Covington’s past and explain why this history is relevant to modern audiences.

Karl J. Lietzenmayer received a publication award for Northern Kentucky Heritage magazine. The magazine uses an array of articles, book reviews and illustrations to interpret the history of this unique region. Articles have brought attention to once-forgotten stories, have confirmed and debunked local legends and have sparked important conversations in a variety of Kentucky communities.

The Kentucky Historical Society presented the award Friday, Nov. 11, at its annual meeting and Kentucky History Award presentation at the Old State Capitol in Frankfort.

-Staff report

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