New Street Photos Offer Glimpse Into Covington's Past, Present

If you stand at the southwest corner of Fifh Street and Madison Avenue in downtown Covington, you'll find an artistic photo of the historic Odd Fellows Hall shortly after a fire nearly removed it from the street in 2002. After that devastating fire, a dedicated group rebuilt and restored the local icon which can, of course, also be seen in reality while looking at the photo.

And that's the point of the Look Here! exhibit that popped up across the city this week: a peek back in time while staring at the present.

The outdoor public history exhibit was developed in Cincinnati's Over-the-Rhine neighborhood by Anne Delano Steinart and ran from November 2015 to March 2016. It offered viewers the chance to take in side-by-side images of the past and the present. Through a partnership with Renaissance Covington, the City of Covington, and the Kenton County Public Library, the project arrives on the south side of the Ohio River.

There are fifty locations across the downtown Covington area as homage to the 50th anniversary of the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966. The photos in Covington share the story of the city's early development and some recent history, too.

“History is not only the 1800s. The beautiful part of Covington is how it has evolved from even forty years ago,” said Emily Ahouse, Preservation and Planning Specialist for the City of Covington.

The exhibit will emphasize the walkability of Covington’s neighborhoods, promoting connectivity between Mainstrasse and downtown Madison Avenue and even nod to Covington’s recent public art/parklets effort, Curb’d, in which five parking spots in urban Covington were taken over for an art installation.

Look Here! Covington Historical Photography Exhibit will run November through April 2017 and can be seen in the Central Business District, Mainstrasse Village, Roebling Point, and along West Sixth Street.

People's Liberty assisted with the project.

-Staff report

Top photo by RCN, bottom photo provided

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