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Ludlow Schools to Consider Leggings with Changes to Dress Code

A parent in the Ludlow Independent School District was called and asked to bring a change of clothes for her daughter.
The offense?
The student had worn a dress with leggings under it. 
Ludlow Schools prohibit the wearing of leggings, "jeggings", and stretch pants.
Those bans will be revisited during a meeting of the Ludlow High School site-based decision making council next month. At this week's meeting of the Ludlow Board of Education, board member Cindy Powell asked high school principal Travis Caudill about the dress code after the student's parent contacted her about the leggings issue.
Caudill said that the rules must have some common sense, and that it is a challenge to justify an allowance for dresses of appropriate length without pants underneath, but to force a student to change if leggings are worn underneath.
"I don't come to school looking for dress code violations," Caudill told the board. "I want to talk to the kids in the hallway. I am hoping we can say leggings are appropriate under dresses and skirts that are the correct length, but the site-based committee will decide that in December. And no parent has come to talk to me about the issue. I am available anytime to talk to parents about this or any other subject."
Other notes:
Two representatives from Barnes and Dennig gave a final report on the district's annual audit, which was unmodified with no significant difficulties or disagreements. Every district is having to record its pension liability, which last year for Ludlow was $1,141,000 and this year came in at $1,558,116. Starting next year, the districts have to record post retirement obligations, in addition.  Despite this, the district was declared to be in a positive position, with $730,000 in unassigned funds. The board approved the audit.
The board also approved the first offer of assistance from the School Facilities Construction Commission for KETS in the amount of $7,017, which the board will match. These funds are usually spent on technology.
The work on the HVAC system in the high school is finally finished. Superintendent Michael Borchers told the board that there were some problems in the system, and they finally found out it was the sensors which had to be replaced. The system is working well now, but the district held the last payment until the system was working well. The final cost number on the project is $1,911,736.
The same thing happened with the stadium project. The final cost on the stadium project is $1,494,500. On the Mary A. Goetz Elementary HVAC project there was a change order, which the board approved, increasing the contingency by $7,637, so that the bottom line of $1,015,000 stayed the same.
Written by Patricia A. Scheyer, RCN contributor
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