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After Fire, Residents Forced Out of Historic St. Aloysius Apartments

UPDATE: Displaced residents are now set up in a temporary shelter at the Kenton Co. Boys & Girls Club. For that story, click here.

An historic school building that is now low-income residential was heavily damaged by fire Friday evening.


At around 9 p.m., the Covington Fire Department responded to St. Aloysius Apartments on Eighth Street between Main and Bakewell Streets in Mainstrasse Village. Black smoke billowed from a unit on the second floor of the building, eventually consuming much of the interior.

St. Aloysius Apartments suffer damage from fire on Friday night (RCN)

Dozens of residents were forced to watch from the sidewalk, while at least one was removed from the building on a gurney by emergency responders. 

One resident told The River City News that the fire started in a resident's kitchen and spread quickly. The building's fire alarms went off and the resident said that he and his neighbors were able to exist swiftly and safely.

Late Friday night, a TANK bus showed up to house residents before they are taken to alternative shelter.

The building is home to primarily low-income senior residents and had recently undergone a significant interior renovation.

​St. Aloysius Apartments suffer damage from fire on Friday night (RCN)

St. Aloysius has a history with fire. Its namesake church, which stood around the corner at Seventh and Bakewell Streets, was struck by lightning in 1985 and was destroyed by fire. Parishioners were merged into the Mother of God Church community and the St. Aloysius site became a parking lot.

St. Aloysius Church destroyed by fire in 1985 (via Kenton Co. Public Library)

The school building opened in 1933 and served students until 1979 when declining enrollment forced it to close. Soon after, the building was made to be residential and has been ever since.

The extent of the damage suffered by St. Aloysius on Friday evening is not yet known. The status of the residents and how concerned neighbors can help are also not yet known. 

This story will be updated with more information as soon as possible.

-Michael Monks, editor & publisher