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Bellevue Students Create List of Suggestions to Improve High School

The Bellevue Board of Education listened to students from Bellevue High School at its most recent meeting.
Senior Jarid Casebolt told the board members that students gathered 452 non-perishable items to support Thanksgiving for area families in need, and that 60 turkeys would also be picked up to help.
The students also offered ten suggestions to make Bellevue High School better.
Sophomore Joey Sparks provided the suggestions to the board members. "There are about 10 to 15 kids who believe the high school can be better," Sparks said. "We think changes need to be made."
Some of the suggestions were A/B honor roll field trips, recognition for excellent work on state testing and for attendance achievements at the end of each semester. Additionally, the suggestions included more announcements about how well the academic teams and sports teams are doing after each event, and to allow one free game with a hall pass.  
Other ideas are to have the sports teams more involved with service learning projects, asking teachers to wear black and gold on Fridays, and to develop a theme for each home game, in order to have more teachers and students attend. Two interactive suggestions were to have more homeroom competitions. As an example, the students suggested the decoration of doors for homecoming, anti-bullying, and drug awareness campaigns. Students also suggested to develop a mentoring program for upper classmen to help with students in middle school and at Grandview Elementary. 
Members of the board accepted the suggestions and asked whether Sparks would deliver them to the site-based decision making council, which would ultimately adopt such policies. Sparks assured the board that he would be presenting the changes to the site-based council.
Freshman Austin Hazeres told the board about an experience that he had on Veterans Day. He explained that he escorted a veteran through the school and the vet told him that all his friends told him not to enlist but he did, and that boot camp was fun. The veteran told Hazares that it was the best decision he ever made, and he came back a changed person. Hazares said it was very cool, listening to this veteran.
The board passed the second reading of the BHS Student Extracurricular Participation Drug Testing policy. All members voted in favor of the policy. 
A representative of Barnes and Dennig came to walk through the audit report with the board. He said it was a good audit, uneventful, and no fraud was found, and pointed out that the pension liability last year was $1.15 million, and that this year was $1.576 million, and that it has been mandated to be included in the liabilities on the books.
Board chair Julia Webb-Fischer was recognized for being chosen as one of 12 members on the Local School Board Advisory Council, a group set up by Kentucky Commissioner of Education Stephen Pruitt. She was the only one who was chosen from the Northern Kentucky area and the Bellevue Board was very proud that she was chosen.  
City Councilman Dave Slater also stood up to praise the choice and he told the board that November 9 was named in Webb-Fischer's honor in the city.
Janis Winbigler, Director of Support Services, announced that all ten of her students who competed in the Student Technology Leadership Program qualified in the Regionals at NKU to go to the State finals held at Rupp Arena next year.
Superintendent Smith also introduced Rick Stamm, from the maintenance department, and praised him highly for doing the job of two people and never giving up. Smith gave him a jacket, since the weather had turned so cold.  
Students were honored from both schools for work ethic, and they received a certificate and a lanyard.
Written by Patricia A. Scheyer, RCN contributor
Top photo: Julie Webb-Fischer
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Superintendent Robb Smith gives a coat to Rick Stamm, from Maintenance.