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Boone County Schools Expand World Language Program to Half of All Students

Half of the student population within the Boone County School District will be offered digital language learning thanks to a partnership with Rosetta Stone, the immersive foreign language program.

The school district hopes to enhance college and career readiness, as well as global competence, with the effort.

Following the district’s successful pilot in 2013 for 1,700 students at two elementary schools, the program is expanding to 14 elementary schools and five middle schools in the 2016-2017 academic year. Three hundred kindergarten and first grade English-language-learner students and 10,200 world language students in grades 2-8 have access to the digital learning program. The use of Rosetta Stone in the classroom is a new initiative being funded by a county-approved tax levy.

“Like many public schools districts encounter, it often can be difficult for us to find and, more importantly, afford certified world language educators,” said Linda Black, Director of Elementary Education for Boone County Schools. “The Rosetta Stone language learning program affords a strong supplement to our teachers’ blended learning curriculum, while also providing an excellent resource for our classrooms that do not have teachers with experience in a particular language. It’s a win-win situation for our students.”

Teachers began working with Rosetta Stone in May 2016 to familiarize themselves with the programs and decide how they’d be integrating the program into their lesson plans. Each school in the district has its own language learning goals and implementation plans tailored to its needs. The program is being used in classrooms, both supplementing teacher instruction when an accredited teacher is present, as well as providing an online resource for students.

“School districts don’t need big budgets to think innovatively and provide access to 21st century skills for its students; Boone County is living proof,” said Matt Hall, Vice President, Enterprise & Education, Rosetta Stone. “I’m excited to see how Boone is preparing its students for success in college, in their careers and beyond.”

-Staff report

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