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Leadership NKY Drops Drawers in Covington

As part of their December 1 leadership session on Leading by Serving, the Leadership NKY Class of 2017 "Dropped Their Drawers" to support the Campbell County Public Library’s campaign to donate 6,000 pair of underwear to 14 public schools in Campbell County.

Leadership NKY uses the community as a classroom to develop leaders who will effectively serve the region.  

“As part of ‘Leading By Serving Day’ we hope to create an experience where leaders in our community can understand the needs in Northern Kentucky," said Maggie Blankenship, Human resource Manager at Schneider Electric, who was chair of the session. "By immersing the leaders in human services agencies' missions, work, and clients they serve we give them the opportunity to learn how they may contribute their time, talents, or treasures to  positively influence and affect change within our community and support emerging community needs."

This session, which was held at the Life Learning Center in Covington as well as various service organizations throughout the city of Covington, was aimed at taking participants out of their comfort zone so they might understand some of our community’s most basic needs. The class was also challenged to use their strengths to support service organizations and think outside the box in order to collaborate with others in our community.

“I love how the leaders in NKY work together to address community needs”, said Carla Landon, co-chair of the session and Campbell County Library Board Vice President. “Leadership NKY is a fantastic program! I would recommend it to anyone interested in learning more about our region.”                    

The Leadership NKY class donated 521 pair of underwear. This donation allowed all three branches to exceed the 1,000 pair mark and be half way toward their goal. Cam, the Library’s mascot was on-hand to accept the donation. Learn more about Drop Your Drawers.

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