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Taylor Mill Adjusts Gun Prohibition, Hires New Police Officers

The Taylor Mill City Commission voted Wednesday to approve a measure that brings the city's firearms law in unison with the state.

The ordinance onforms to KRS 65.870, which states that municipal and other governments don't have the authority to regulate guns, and reserves that right for the state.

Previously, Taylor Mill prohibited firearms at Pride Park, a violation of the state law adopted in 2012.

Commissioners also OK'd the first reading of an ordinance prohibiting construction traffic weighing 10,000 pounds or more on certain portions of the Taylor Creek subdivision. This is to keep the construction traffic on the newer roads and off-roads like Blackstone Court and McCullum Drive.

Fire Chief John Stager explained the problems that the fire department is having with two of their vehicles. Their newer ambulance had problems with excess exhaust in the the cab and the patient section, so it was taken in for repair. After three weeks, mechanics can't identify the problem and it may need a new engine. The department was using an older vehicle that is slated to be retired next year but it had difficulty recently climbing a hill and has a bad transmission.

Taylor Mill borrowed a vehicle from the county which is taking care of calls for the department since both vehicles are down.

The city had planned to seek bids in December for a new ambulance, buy the vehicle in January or February, and have it delivered next summer. The older vehicle was to be taken in trade. But now with two vehicles out of commission, the city has to decide how to handle the situation.  

It was eventually decided to go ahead and fix the newer vehicle, even if it has to have a new engine. Then the city will re-evaluate the older vehicle and decide whether to repair it. In the meantime they have a vehicle, and will depend on mutual aid from other fire departments for back up.

The city received four bids for the traffic light at Pride Parkway and Honey Roads. Bluegrass Electric Consultants was the low bid at $222,327.75, and commissioners voted to go with them.

Commissioners listened to a request to list several items from the Police department as surplus property, but one vehicle has been requested by the Fire Department for use in transportation of firefighters to classes and meetings. The request was approved.

Stan Porter officially submitted his resignation as the city's representative to the Kenton County Planning Commission. Outgoing City Commissioner Ed Kuehne, who lost his reelection bid in November, expressed interested in being the representative, and Bailey said that anyone else who is interested should call the city building and submit their name. Kuehne could not be at the meeting, which is his last as a commissioner, because he was attending the ceremony where his son was to become an officer in the U.S. Army. He was to pin a badge on his son. Kuehne submitted a letter thanking the community for allowing him to serve the city in the role of commissioner.

It was also the final meeting for Commissioner Roger Reis, who also lost his reelection bid in November, and Debby Kreimborg, who chose not to run again. In January, Mayor Dan Bell and City Commissioner Dan Murray will be joined by new commissioners Sarah Frietch, Mark Kreimborg (a former longtime mayor), and Phil Peace.

City tax bills must be dropped off in the box on the front of the city building by 8 a.m. on Tuesday, January 3.

Bob Foltz and Pat Reis, both retired police, were hired back at the police department, and they were introduced at the meeting.  

Officer James Mills was promoted to sergeant, and his wife pinned the badge on him while family members watched.

John Lackey, a volunteer and a Vietnam veteran, said the traveling wall had been wonderful this summer, and he would like to see the city put in a permanent memorial to veterans.  Mayor Daniel Bell said they have had a fountain donated and possibly they could do something around the fountain. Commissioner Dan Murray, also a veteran, suggested that it could be a brick walkway around the three flagpoles they already have. Bailey said they had acquired a donation of pavers that they could use. She put the issue on the agenda to be discussed next year.

Mayor Bell told the audience that Myrtle Blanton was given an award for her yearly efforts to raise money for the kids and cops shopping expeditions.

Written by Patricia A. Scheyer, RCN contributor
Photo: Newly re-hired Taylor Mill Police Officers Bob Foltz and Pat Reis.
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Officer James Mills was promoted to Sergeant and is seen her with Commissioner Roger Reis
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