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Photos: New Taylor Mill Commission is Sworn In

The new Taylor Mill city commission was sworn in on Wednesday night during a ceremony at Pride Park.

There will be three new faces on the commission when it takes office in January. Former Mayor Mark Kreimborg, who was also deputy Kenton County Judge/Executive from 2010-2014, is back at the city building after finishing fourth in November's election. Newcomers Sarah Frietch and Phil Peace, who finished second and third in the election, will begin their first terms.

Commissioner Dan Murray was reelected as the top vote-getter. Mayor Dan Bell was not up for reelection in 2016. Commissioners Ed Kuehne and Roger Reis were defeated in their reelection bids.

City Attorney Frank Wichmann swore in the new commissioners at Wednesday's ceremony.

Photos by RCN contributor Patricia A. Scheyer

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