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Bromley Moves Forward with Plans for New Sidewalks, Website

At its first official meeting last week, the new Bromley City Council moved ahead on some issues first discussed by the previous council.

There are plans to move forward on new sidewalks and a new website, and the once contentious discussion about the city-owned Bobcat vehicle was brought back.

"In mid-February, the old website will go down and the new site will go up," said Mayor Donnie Jobe. The City of Bromley has not had access to its website for years and was unable to gain access through GoDaddy, Jobe said. The new site was developed in-house, he said. Emails to the city through the site will be forwarded to the city clerk's office.

As for the city's continued effort to beautify its Main Street, council will seek bids from qualified firms to install new sidewalks. The cost may end up being higher than the city can spend, but the bids will determine that, they decided.

Additionally, Mayor Jobe said that other projects are moving forward such as brick pavers, a time capsule, and park improvements where new playground equipment and an expanded shelter are on the horizon. 

Park Hills Police Chief Cody Stanley, whose department services Bromley, said that his officers had been keeping tabs on some troubled properties where criminal activity was suspected, but the tenants moved out. "So, the problem has left," he said.

Council also voted unanimously to ensure that it sees all payments issued in the name of the city. There were plans to implement an electronic purchase-order system but Council member Gail Smith said that such paperwork should be signed off by the head of a council committee and that all members of council should be able to review it.

Mayor Jobe said that reviews would be part of the electronic system, but council voted 6-0 to retain a paper system. Council also voted unanimously to ensure that all bills that are not regular monthly payments, like utilities, should be provided to members of council.

The city council also voted to pay its public works staffer with half the annual salary coming from the general fund and the other half coming from the state municipal aid funds.

Lastly, council considered whether to allow citizens to have access to its Bobcat. Ultimately it was decided that the liability was too great and that it would be reserved for city use.

-Michael Monks, editor & publisher

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