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Erlanger: Duke Energy to Begin Work; Longtime Council Members Honored

Erlanger Mayor Tyson Hermes announced the new council committee assignments at the regular meeting of city council Tuesday night:
Building, zoning, and code enforcement will have Kevin Burke and Don Nicely;
Police will remain the same, with Patty Suedkamp and Vicki Kyle;
Fire will have Corine Pitts and Jessica Fette;
Public Works will work with Tom Cahill and Don Skidmore;
Administration will have Kathy Cahill and Renee Skidmore;
Finance and Business Development will have Randy Blandenship and Stephen Montgomery.
The committee assignments were passed by council in a Municipal Order.
The Industrial revenue bonds for the freezer facility on the UDF property were re-issued with a resolution passed by council. The bonds had first been issued in 2010, and because the company wanted to refinance, the bonds were reissued.
The leases for the tower behind the Erlanger city building reached its expiration date, so council passed a municipal order which specified new leases for companies who want to rent space on the tower. Currently there is only one company leasing space on the tower, but City Administrator Marc Fields said there could be another company by the end of this year, and they will now have a new lease agreement ready for that company and any others.
Another Municipal Order specified that Mayor Hermes will be the representative to Planning & Development Services, and councilman Randy Blankenship will be the alternative representative.
Nick Shack from Duke Energy came to council to explain the Advance Service Replacement Plan that Duke will begin in the city. Repairs of old gas lines were mandated by the federal government, so Duke will begin a three-year program in Erlanger replacing all the aging copper and non-sealed metallic lines from their main line to all the residences that have gas. The company will go street by street and will notify residents when it will be working on their street. The lines will be replaced with polyurethane plastic.
Three council members received recognition for their service to the city. Vicki Kyle received an award for 20 years of service, and both Corine Pitts and Renee Skidmore received pins for 10 years of service to the city.
The business spotlight was shined on Bluegrass Meats.
Anne Elzyk came again to the meeting to talk about allowing chickens in the city. Marcus Estenfelder also came again to the meeting to see if any progress has been made about controlling the cars racing through his neighborhood. He lives on the corner of Hallam and Teakwood and feels there is a safety issue for the children in the neighborhood. Both citizens have repeatedly come to the council meeting to get something done about their issues.
-Patricia A. Scheyer, RCN contributor
Photo: Erlanger City Council (RCN file)