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Edgewood Honors Nurses, Dixie Students Watch Government Process

Edgewood City Council passed a resolution Monday night at its regular meeting approving an interlocal agreement with Sanitation District 1 for the purpose of private lateral repair.
The agreement is designed to allow lateral repair work to be completed more smoothly.
Council also adopted an ordinance to bring its code enforcement board procedures in line with a new state law.
A municipal order was passed appointing several people to boards. Mayor John Link was appointed to the Municipal Government League, Jack Kleier was appointed to the Board of Adjustments, Daniel Keller was appointed to the Board of Ethics, and Beth Wulfeck, Barb Kramer, and Mike Frisch were appointed to the Recreation Committee.
Mayor Link appealed to residents, saying the joint code enforcement board needs someone to volunteer to be an alternate to Kevin Donohue, who is the city's representative. Anyone who is interested can call the city building at 859.331.5910.
Mayor Link read a proclamation honoring the perianesthesia nurses at St Elizabeth Hospital. Debbie Sandlin, Lisa Lankheit, and Brenda Elliot came to the meeting to accept the proclamation, which declares the week of February 6 through 12 "Perianesthesia Nurses Week", and their special day is February 9. These nurses are the ones who take special care of patients who are having or who have had surgery. In 2016 they were given the Golden Leaf Award, which is highly coveted.
"They really make a difference," said Councilwoman Nancy Atkinson, who is also a nurse.
Councilman Joe Messmer was recognized for the award he received from the fire department for serving 50 years in the department.
Seven students from Dixie Heights High School came to the meeting to participate in the governmental process for which they get credit at school.
Mayor Link announced that the February 6 meeting will be canceled because he will be out of town, and February 28 was suggested as a date to have a special meeting.
The Northern Kentucky Senior Games will be held January 19 at the Ft. Thomas Armory. The registration begins at 9 a.m. and the cost is $15.
The skating session at the Northern Kentucky Ice Rink has been rescheduled for January 29  from 5 to 7 pm.
Written by Patricia A. Scheyer, RCN contributor
Top photo: Debbie Sandlin, Lisa Lankheit and Brenda Elliot receive the proclamation from Mayor John Link (RCN)
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Seven students from Dixie Heights came to learn about the governmental process (RCN)