City of Union Works with Kroger to Fill Storefront Space

As a new and larger Kroger Marketplace is set to open in Union, the city is working with the grocer to fill the soon-to-be vacant space at 8775 U.S. 42.

The building will be available for new tenants once the construction of the new Union Kroger Marketplace, located at the intersection of US 42 and Old Union Road, is finished in mid-2017.

Kroger will be placing a free-standing sign in front of the existing store to announce the upcoming vacancy and provide the contact information for Midland Retail, the leasing agent for the property.

This is a standard operating procedure for Kroger.

“We continue to work with Kroger management to secure a good tenant that fits our community,” said Mayor Larry Solomon. “However, there may be interested parties that have not yet been contacted, or do not have an avenue to contact Kroger regarding the building. This sign allows for that process to happen. Perhaps there is an emerging business or a new entrepreneur who would like to use the space for their new company. This is an excellent location, and I am certain it will not be vacant long.”

Anyone interested in renting a portion or the entire space is urged to contact Casey Ward, at (513) 891-3858 or [email protected].

-Staff report

Image via Yelp