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Fences, Curfew, Finances Discussed at Silver Grove Meeting

A variety of topics was discussed Thursday night among members of the Silver Grove City Council.

An engineer from Viox and Viox, Justin Verst, updated the council on the progress of two current sidewalk projects on Route 8 and Four Mile Road that the company has been contracted to complete for the city.

According to Verst, the project on Four Mile Road has been approved by the federal government and they are waiting on final right-of-way approval at the state level. The sidewalk project for Route 8 is wrapping up design and will be sent to the state in the next few days for review.

Kathryn and Eric Dee attended the meeting to address concerns with their apartment complex, Grace Meadows, which has recently been lined on either side by neighbors with a tight-knit fence. With the complex sitting in an area notorious for flooding, her main concern is the possibility of debris building up along the fence and causing drainage issues if the water rises.

Council members said they had not found any ordinances that said that fence couldn’t be placed there, but they were still doing research on the issue.

Silver Grove’s current curfew for children could result in citations for the children who are in violation, but Attorney Steve Dasenbrock says that they will be changing the policy so that citations will be issued to parents so that they play a more active role in the children’s lives and help prevent future violations.

An auditor was also present at the meeting to deliver his annual report to the council. He said that financially everything looked good for 2016, primarily due to a lack of money put into the police department, which the city dissolved so that Campbell County Police could take over patrols.

Written by Carrie Crotzer, RCN contributor