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Police Raid Bromley City Building, Remove Boxes, Computers

The Bromley city building was raided by local police on Tuesday and there is little official information as to why.

Park Hills Police, which patrols Bromley, and Kenton County Police descended on the building Tuesday and were seen removing boxes. The River City News has learned that computers operated by the city and the Bromley Volunteer Fire Department were also inspected or taken by investigators.

Donnie Jobe is the mayor and the fire chief in Bromley. An email sent to Jobe has not yet received a response.

Last week's city council meeting was canceled due to a power outage at the building and the meeting has yet to be rescheduled.

One member of council said that the mayor has not been in touch with his fellow council members since Monday, when word got out that former mayor Gary Smith had died.

Kenton County Police Chief Spike Jones told The River City News on Wednesday that he could not comment on an open investigation, but that when possible, more information would be made available. 

The River City News has been covering Bromley city council meetings for the past two years and there have been occasional personality conflicts and at least one investigation by a state official. A year ago, the Kentucky Fire Commission launched an examination of the Bromley Volunteer Fire Department, and the decision by the City of Bromley to contract its fire and ambulance service to Crescent Springs-Villa Hills Fire Department, rather than its closer neighbor in Ludlow, has been the cause of debate, too. 

At its most recent meeting in January, though, when the new members of council took office, there was mostly productive conversation.

This story will be updated when more information is known.

-Michael Monks, editor & publisher

Photo: Bromley City Building (RCN file)

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