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149 Years Later, a Message from a Covington Newspaper Still Speaks to Us

Throwback Thursday to a banner that The River City News, 149 years later, now carries for you:

"We are fully apprised of the difficulties attending the publication of a newspaper in the city of Covington. So far as the news of the day is concerned the Cincinnati dailies anticipate everything, and no Covington paper can hope to compete with them in that particular. There are, however, interests which demand a local organ and which ought to insure it a liberal support. ... It is not to be expected that Kentucky interests or Kentucky politics will occupy a very prominent place in newspapers published out of State, even where the desire to do full justice exists; and we know that Kentucky affairs have often been grossly misrepresented, and the misrepresentations have remained uncorrected because there has been no home newspaper whose special duty it would have been to make the necessary corrections.

In addition to this, there are considerations which more immediately concern the citizens of Covington. Covington is rapidly increasing in population and in all the elements of a thriving city. Its annual revenues, and its expenditures as well, are now counted by the tens of thousands - its public schools - its improvements, public and private - its police, its fire department, as well as other interests, demand notice, and indeed more careful consideration on the part of our citizens than they have hitherto received.

We believe then that there is a vacancy for a newspaper in Covington and we hope in resuming the publication of the Journal to be able to fill that vacancy. We confidently look to the public to sustain us."

-Covington Journal, February 8, 1868.

Do you like the work that RCN does for Covington, Newport, and Northern Kentucky? Then, like the Journal, we confidently look to the public to sustain us. If you like the work that RCN does - and let's face it, it is now the best news organization in town for Covington and Northern Kentucky issues - give us $5 so that we can continue to work towards becoming the newspaper that this region deserves: