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After Police Seize City's Fried Computers, Bromley Explores Options

Six days after Kenton County Police raided the Bromley city building and seizing its computers, it is still unknown exactly why.

On Monday, however, the Bromley City Council decided to explore its options in replacing the two computers that were taken last Tuesday. It turns out, however, that those computers were fried the week before when a control panel in the building went bad and shut off power.

A surge protector did not save the city's data, and all digital information for the city dating to September was lost.

That means it was a dramatic week for the city's electronic devices: reportedly destroyed in a power outage that resulted in the city meeting being canceled, and then seized by police.

A special meeting of the Bromley City Council was held on Monday night so that the official business of paying bills could take place. Little was said about the police raid, except that plans would be made to retrieve the missing data through help with the city attorney and the county police, and that new equipment will be explored with better back-up plans installed. 

The meeting was short, lasting about half an hour, with most of the discussion about the computers.

Mayor Donnie Jobe said that he has spoken with investigators related to last week's raid, but would not say what the raid was about, or whether the investigation is a criminal one. 

The River City News will continue to follow this story.

Written by Michael Monks, editor & publisher

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