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Op-Ed: Let's Modernize Kentucky Communications

Businesses today rely on innovative wireless and broadband technologies to serve their customers in the most seamless and efficient way possible—yet Kentucky’s communications legislation remains in the past.  

In recent years, our legislators in Frankfort have taken important steps to modernize its communications infrastructure to better serve 21st century consumers and businesses. But there is still more work to be done.

Senate Bill 10 would update the Commonwealth’s regulatory climate to reflect how communication has evolved, which includes scrapping the antiquated rotary-dial regulations still on the books. Outdated policies like this put Northern Kentucky—and the state as a whole—at a disadvantage when it comes to attracting new private-sector communications infrastructure.

Many states, including our neighbors in Indiana and Tennessee, have already eliminated their rotary-dial regulations, creating a more tech- and business-friendly environment that encourages job creation and economic growth.

I urge the General Assembly to pass Senate Bill 10 and support further investment and innovation in Northern Kentucky and beyond. Our future depends on it.

Scott Sedmak is the Vice President for Public Affairs & Communications for the Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce and a former member of the Highland Heights City Council