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Urn Found in Independence Yard

When you live on a busy road, it is not uncommon to find discarded or lost items in your yard.

Maybe a tire, or a shopping bag, or even carelessly tossed trash may end up on your lawn.

But for one family in Independence, a roadside find took a turn for the macabre.

"We've found lots of strange things in our front yard before, but never a box with an urn in it, until now," said Pam Jones, who found the item on Monday outside her home on Taylor Mill Road.

Editor's note: Jones is the mother of The River City News publisher Michael Monks.

Waiting in the yard was a soft red box with a small urn inside. Jones took to social media to help find the owner but as of this writing, no one has come forward.

If you know any details about the lost item, contact The River City News at and we will work to connect you to Pam Jones.

-Staff report

Photo provided