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Deer Population, Traffic on Dudley Discussed at Edgewood Meeting

One resident raised concerns about the deer population during a special meeting of the Edgewood city council on Monday.
John Huffman, of Ashfield Court, told council that ten deer regularly hang out in his driveway. "My wife hit a deer on Orphanage (Road) recently and it caused a lot of damage," he said. "I know there is no natural predator for them. I don't have an answer."
Mayor John Link said he didn't think there was anything that could be done about them, saying there were at least five that cross his back yard on a regular basis. Huffman referenced the City of Ft. Thomas and how it allowed for hunting of the deer with bow and arrow to cut down on the numbers. City Administrator Brian Dehner said that he heard the population is growing again in Ft. Thomas, though.
Huffman asked council to at least think about some way to possibly deal with the deer. 
He also asked about the traffic light at the intersection of Dudley Road and 3L Highway (KY 17), where traffic backs up every morning. He said the right lane is a dedicated right turn, and he thought that if that lane could be a possible left, straight or right turn it might cut down on the traffic. Mayor Link said that the city has discussed this with the state, and because the median on 17 is very thick, traffic backs up there when cars turn left and try to get onto I-275. Huffman countered that he thought the median should be cut down, and the mayor said the state claims that there is no money for such a project.
In other business, council listened to the first reading of a text amendment that would allow for storage units to be an approved use in the zoning code. Dehner said that this is just for an application to the board of adjustments and the company will still have to submit drawings to Planning & Development Services, which will include approvals from Sanitation District 1. This was in answer to a question by Huffman who said he didn't think there was any storm sewer drainage. Dehner also specified that this was for all indoor storage.
Mayor Link announced that the Edgewood Fire/EMS fish fry  starts March 3, this Friday, from 5 to 8 pm. Take out orders are available by calling 859-331-0033.
Written by Patricia A. Scheyer, RCN contributor
Photo: John Huffman speaks to Edgewood city council (RCN)