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Bellevue to Seek Community Feedback for Riverfront Property

The Bellevue Urban Renewal and Community Development Agency (BURCDA) announced Wednesday night that Mayor Ed Riehl had finalized the purchase of the plot of land along Route 8 known as Harbor Greene.

After much controversy over the intended purpose of the land, the city finalized the deal with the Dobbs Akermann to purchase the land for $2.9 million.

BURCDA’s intention is for the land to be under city ownership for less than a year, with the city paying only $46,000 in interest on bonds used to purchase the lands, according to City Administrator Keith Spoelker.

Within the next year the city will be working closely with Jeff Seckenheim of SHP and Joe Nickol of MKSK Studio to figure out the best purpose for the land and deciding which use of the land will best benefit the community overall.

Nikol said that in order to get community feedback and to complete the project as quickly as possible, they could hold the first public meeting as soon as March 8 to “inform and listen” to what community members have to say about the land.

They will be creating a stakeholder group that will be composed of citizens, business owners and council member to give a variety of feedback to BURCDA on what type of development will best benefit the community.  

During the meeting they discussed several ways in which to engage the community and get the most feedback possible on potential ideas of what to do with the land in addition to the potential March 8 meeting.

Some ideas discussed included holding open forums or discussions at local businesses that would allow them.

Any final decisions and dates for these meetings will be shared through the City of Bellevue’s social media and newsletters.

The board members also approved a resolution to meet on the second Tuesday of each month at 6:30 p.m. so that they will no longer have to call special meetings so frequently.

Written by Carrie Crotzer, RCN contributor
Image via City of Bellevue