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The Next Hot Spot in Covington? This Alley.

Downtown Covington is adding to its growing list of dining destinations, but the newest location may be somewhat surprising.

But if you're hungry in the early morning or late at night, you may find exactly what you need in the alley between Hotel Covington and the old YMCA building on Madison Avenue.

That's where Hotel Covington is opening its much talked-about walk-up window on Saturday night.

Since it opened last September, Hotel Covington has been gushed over in publications like Bloomberg and The New York Times, and was included in a write-up by Travel + Leisure. It was bragged on by Governor Matt Bevin during a visit to Covington and was the site of a large protest and supportive luncheon, all at the same time, when Sen. Mitch McConnell came to town last month.

And now another headline emerges from the independent boutique hotel that has quickly emerged as a social hub for Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati with its posh bar and wildly popular Coppin's Restaurant.

On Saturday, the walk-up window opens at 10 p.m., offering one of the few late-night food options in the immediate area, which will be good for those who stay late at popular and nearby new watering holes like The Hannaford or Braxton Brewing Company or The Globe. 

Appropriately, the new offering is called The Walk Up.

That's where diners will find lamb burgers served on naan with pickled onions, harissa, and cilantro for $5. Crispy seasoned chickpeas can be added as a side for $2. The hotel is calling the late night offerings "chef-driven" by Chef Brendan Haren of Coppin's.

After The Walk Up debuts on Saturday, it will open daily from 7 to 10 a.m. starting Monday, with hot coffee and local pastries On weekends, late night grub will be found from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m.

Hotel Covington is at 638 Madison Avenue in Covington, and The Walk Up is in the alley on the northern side of it.

-Staff report

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