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New Restaurant Coming to Covington - but for 2 Nights Only

La casa de Chako is coming to Covington.

But just for two nights.

The Center for Great Neighborhoods will open the la casa de Chako as part of its pilot chef fellowship program. It will offer an authentic Japanese meal by Covington resident and home-based chef Chako. Attendees will sample a wide range of Japanese dishes including their choice of two entrees. Guests 21 and over will receive samplings of Japanese beer, and for an additional $10 diners will have the option to add a souvenir hand-crafted sake glass.

The restaurant will open at 321 West 12th Street (The Center's home at the Hellmann Creative Center) on Friday, April 7, and Saturday, April 8. The cost to attend is $45.

“Cooking and baking are my greatest passions, therefore I want my customers to feel satisfied in all of their senses,” said Chako. “I want them to feel welcomed and excited. That’s why I always choose fresh products and the finest ingredients found locally, or import them from around the world to achieve that special taste and texture I want the customer to experience.”

To staff the pop-up restaurant, The Center partnered with the Life Learning Center to offer a two-month long internship. Interns are completing a workforce development curriculum where they will learn hospitality skills, cooking techniques, art- related skills, and more.

“It’s important to us to support local entrepreneurs and help them get the tools and resources to turn their ideas into a reality,” said Kate Greene, Program Manager, Community Development at The Center. “This program allows us to empower a local chef, in addition to providing workforce training to help some of our residents find permanent employment opportunities.”

The Chef Fellowship program was funded through a FreshLo Grant from The Kresge Foundation. The grant was given to programs that help envision healthy, vibrant communities strengthened by the deliberate integration of creative placemaking and food-oriented development.

La casa de Chako will host 5:30 p.m. and 8 p.m. seatings each night, limited to 25 patrons each. Tickets for la casa de Chako are $45 each and can be purchased online here.

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