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Winners of Thomas More's Student Research Forum Announced

The Eighth Annual Student Research Forum at Thomas More College provided an opportunity for students to showcase their innovative thinking skills and inquiry based learning. 22 students presented seventeen different research projects in various academic disciplines at the undergraduate and graduate levels.  

“The liberal arts education at Thomas More College challenges students through critical thinking and thoughtful deliberation; these skills are evident in the research projects exhibited at the Student Research Forum” said Kathleen S. Jagger, Ph.D., Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of the College. “The Student Research Forum is an opportunity for students to present their original research to a wider audience in a professional setting.”   

Each student’s presentation was evaluated by a team of internal and external judges and rated in terms of critical thinking principles including clarity, precision and accuracy, breadth of knowledge, relevance, and contribution to the field.   

This year’s winners include:

  • Carrie Howell ’17 (Adult/Graduate)

Storytelling: the Study of the Persuasive Power of Narratives of Medical Marijuana

  • Gregory Warner ’17 (History)

The World of William Longstreet: Ideals, Politics and the Underbelly of Covington’s City Manager System

  • James Bramer ’17 (Economics)

The College Cost: Analysis of the Economic Efficiency of the Price of Post-secondary Education

  • Eric Dobias ’19 (Sciences and Math)

The Synthesis and Spectroscopy of Benzil-Based α-Diimine Ligands

-Staff report

Images provided/Top photo: James Bramer

Slideshow Images & Captions: 
Gregory Warner