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Fitness, Economics & Covington Collide in Special Downtown Event

What do fitness, economics, and the Hotel Covington have in common?

More than you may think - and all three collide in a special event later this month.

Fit in the City is a 60-minute workout that aims to give back to the community.

"Fit in the City is a day where the best health experts and fitness gurus come together," said organizer Jeni Houser, who operates Jenergy, a fitness business. She has teamed with Abdullah Al-Bahrani, director of the Center for Economic Education at Northern Kentucky University, and Billy Grise at Hotel Covington.

The workouts will be broken up in different styles lasting 15 minutes each, culminating in a group yoga session at the new patio at Hotel Covington. All proceeds benefit the Center for Economic Education.

"There's a lot of overlap between fitness and financials," Al-Bahrani said, noting that people put off saving for the future the same way they put off working out. "All of us know that we need to be healthy and we need to work out but we don't know where to start. ... It's the same with financial literacy. There's so much information that we don't know where to start."

Tickets are $15. For more information, see the Facebook event, Jeni Houser's webpage, and/or Eventbrite.

Houser, Al-Bahrani, and Grise joined RCN's Michael Monks to talk about the event and the unique opportunity that it presents.