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Covington Latin Announces Partnership with NaviGo

Covington Latin School (CLS) recently announced a partnership with NaviGo Prep to help families navigate the career selection and college search process. NaviGo Prep is a nonprofit organization that prepares students for life after high school by providing individualized college and career coaching and planning to students. This partnership with CLS is the first in the Diocese of Covington.   

Founded by former Kenton County Superintendent Tim Hanner, NaviGo Prep employs a team of educators and school counselors who have trained CLS teachers and administrators to be coaches.  Covington Latin coaches regularly meet with students in small groups, utilizing a curriculum and resources provided by Navigo. The NaviGo Prep team and CLS coaches are keenly aware of the issues students face with the college and career planning process. The goal for the program is to make the college and career decision process fun and stress free.  

"We are honored to partner with the staff and students at Covington Latin School," Hanner said in a news release. "The NaviGo process saves families time, stress and money, and empowers students to research and explore options long before graduation.  It is our desire for all students to discover their interests, passions and talents - as well as their areas that need improvement- while in high school so that they are fully prepared for life beyond high school."

Since starting NaviGo, students at Covington Latin School are more prepared for applying to college and choosing a major, a news release from the school said. Students have used career assessments, learned about financial aid and scholarships, filled out the Common Application, and have felt more secure in their college major choice.

Paul Rahner, a Junior at Covington Latin, has been very impressed with the program. "College planning is often put off and forgotten, especially in junior year when it's good to get a head start," Rahner said. "Navigo has not only made me aware of what I need to do for college, but it has also allowed me to start working on those things. Without Navigo, I would neither have the time nor the motivation to work on this crucial and easily avoided task."

"College and Career Readiness are essential and we want to provide our students with best planning tools," said Jason Huther, Headmaster of Covington Latin. “That is why we chose to partner with NaviGo. They provide a curriculum that is effortless to implement, answers all the questions students might have, and offers unlimited resources. Our students are more confident in the college and career planning process, because we have implemented this program.”

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