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Urban Living Tour Returns to Covington with New Properties to Showcase

What comes around goes around!

Beyond the Curb returns to Covington for the Catalytic Fund's fifth installment of showcasing the urban living opportunities in Northern Kentucky's urban core. The first tour was in Covington in 2015, followed by tours in Newport, Bellevue & Dayton, and Ludlow.

The one-day self-guided tours offer visitors, neighbors, and others the chance to check out some of the hip, new apartments and condos for sale, as well as restored historic buildings.

Beyond the Curb is back in Covington on Sunday, April 30. It will feature the newly renovated 502 Madison Avenue, known previously for being a Greyhound bus station, and now home to a pair of upper floor apartments and a Forcht Bank branch. The Boone Block building on Scott Blvd., home to nine luxury townhouses, will also be on the tour. The 10,000-sq. ft. home at 124 Garrard Street in the city's Licking Riverside neighborhood will open its doors to visitors, as will 114 11th Street, 902 Banklick Street, Shotgun Row, 115 West Robbins Street, 605 West Madison, Roebling Row Apartments, the landmark Amos Shinkle House, and the iconic Ascent at Roebling's Bridge.

(For more about the showcased properties, click here.)

“This is not your typical home tour,” said Jill Morenz of The Catalytic Fund. “In addition to beautifully finished homes, we included projects that are in progress to encourage visitors to imagine the possibilities in the gorgeous old buildings of Covington. We’re also highlighting the amenities that Covington has to offer, including world-class public art, quirky shops, and charming gardens and trails.”

That day, attendees are encouraged to take their time exploring the homes and amenities in Covington’s urban core by walking, biking, or using another means of transportation.

Early bird tickets are $15 and are available online at until Saturday, April 29. Tickets will also be available for purchase at Hotel Covington (638 Madison Avenue, Covington) the day of the event for $20. Tickets include admission to exclusive behind the scenes tours of ten to thirteen high-profile Covington properties, event-day coupons to local businesses, entry to win an All Things Northern Kentucky Raffle Basket, and free parking at nearby locations. All ticket holders must register at Hotel Covington the day of the event to receive a map of the route.

For more information on the event and the featured properties, please visit

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