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WATCH: "Saturday Night Live" Brings President Trump to Boone County in Sketch

Union and Boone County were featured in a sketch on Saturday Night Live in which Alec Baldwin appeared as President Donald Trump.

The sketch attempted to poke fun of Trump voters for continuing their support of the President in spite of perceived slights from the new administration on issues that matter to them personally.

The sketch was strange in that the Boone County residents had deeper southern accents that are typically found there, and there were references to an apparently nearby coal plant and a lack of hospitals.

In other words, the sketch's writers seemed unaware of exactly where Boone County is on a map. Though Boone County went overwhelmingly for President Trump in last year's election, Union is one of Greater Cincinnati's most affluent suburbs, and not the mountain coal-producing town with lead in its water that Saturday Night Live appeared to suggest.

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-Staff report

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