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"Huge" Development Coming to Ludlow but Details Limited

Something "huge" and exciting is coming to Ludlow.

What that is, though, is not entirely clear.

Mayor Ken Wynn said at Thursday's city council meeting that the development is huge and that the people of Ludlow would be pleased. The site is around where the historic Ludlow Lagoon was drew residents and visitors from around the region for summertime leisure. The property, owned by prominent developer Wayne Carlisle, is said to be under contract.

The city could not say who has plans for the space yet. City Administrator Elishia Chamberlain told The River City News that more details will be available by late summer.

Discussion about the forthcoming development emerged from talks about parks in the city. Carlisle Park sits on the site, but Mayor Wynn informed citizens that that is not a city park, and is privately owned.

Confusion over how the city's parks are governed will be discussed at the city council caucus meeting on April 27. That will offer opportunity to update ordinances related to parks, ordinances that are more than 20 years old, Chamberlain said. The city hopes to clarify the role of the park board and to rein in any unauthorized permits for use of parks. 

-Michael Monks, editor & publisher