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Boats in Harbor by Joseph Rogers

Delta Queen, Cincinnati River Scenes Highlight New Exhibit

Paintings of the Delta Queen and Ohio River scenes will be on view at Mary Ran Gallery beginning April 28. Steamboats, sailboats, and fishing boats painted by Cincinnati-based artist Joseph Rogers (1914-2002) will share wall space with local views at the Hyde Park gallery.

About half the work on view are Cincinnati scenes, from life on the Ohio River to post-World War II paintings of Mount Adams.

Rogers moved to Cincinnati after serving in the Second World War and attended Miami University and the Art Academy of Cincinnati. He was a contemporary of favorite area artists Jack Meanwell and Paul Chidlaw. They had the Cincinnati Art Club and the Art Academy in common.

“He’s a very good painter and draftsman,” Ran says. “When you stand back, his work looks realistic, but close up it’s impressionistic. He uses long brush strokes – you can’t paint like that unless you’re practiced.”

“Joe Rogers’s paintings are very pleasant to look at,” Ran adds. “They are mostly landscapes, and places we recognize that evoke happy memories.”

Paintings by Joseph Rogers, April 28-May 20. Mary Ran Gallery, 3668 Erie Ave., Hyde Park. Opening reception 5-8 p.m. April 28. 513-871-5604 and

-Jackie Demaline, RCN Arts

Top photo: The Delta Queen by Joseph Rogers

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