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Rockin Rainbow Girls to Perform Ukulele Show at 6th District


It’s what’s happening at Sixth District Elementary School.

In the fall of 2016, seven girls came together to learn to play the ukulele and The Rockin Rainbow Girls was born!

The Rockin Rainbow Girls had three gigs where they performed in public during that fall session. This session, the Rockin Rainbow Girls continues with 15 girls who are learning not only the ukulele but other values and skills. They are learning what it is to be part of a team, things like commitment, kindness, self-respect, discipline, social skills, and on-stage performance behavior.

What’s happening at Sixth District is important because young children who are involved with music show different brain development and improved memory over the course of a year compared to those not involved with musical training. Music is a confidence builder, teaches discipline and patience, helps children connect, fosters creativity, is a form of expression, and provides a sense of achievement. Schools with music programs have an estimated 90.2 percent graduation rate compared to 84.9 in those schools without music education. Attendance rates average 93.9 percent compared to 72.9 percent.

Regardless of socioeconomic or school district, third grade students who participate in high quality music programs score higher on reading and spelling tests. A Stanford study shows that music engages areas of the brain which are involved with paying attention, making predictions and updating events in our memory.

The Rockin Rainbow Girls perform at Sixth District on Tuesday at 6:30 p.m.

-Submitted by Sandi Stonebraker, director of the Rockin Rainbow Girls and owner of Stoney's Village Toy Shoppe in Covington

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