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Student Arrested for Threats Against Scott High, Woodland Middle

A Scott High School student is arrested and faces nine counts of terroristic threatening after allegedly using Snapchat to make threats of violence against his school and Woodland Middle School.

The two schools share a campus in Taylor Mill.

An arrest was made late Wednesday night following the execution of a search warrant, said Taylor Mill Police Chief Steve Knauf, who announced the details in a news conference Thursday morning.

Over the weekend, students began to see "snaps" from a profile dubbed "Scott boys Exposed" that suggested that there would be gunfire and a bomb at the schools. By Tuesday, the threats were so concerning that extra police were added to campus and some parents opted to keep their students at home.

Kenton County Schools spokesperson Jessica Dykes said Thursday that the threats impacted attendance. "Certainly it impacted attendance and there were a lot of students absent," she said. The district, she said, "communicated early and often" with parents so that they could make their own decisions about whether to send their kids to school.


Parents have also been offered opportunities by the district to learn about how to monitor kids' use of social media. 

Knauf said that his department partnered with the Kenton County Commonwealth's Attorney's office to obtain warrants so that Snapchat could release needed details about the suspect. After the suspect was identified, officers went to the suspect's home where Knauf said that the student confessed.

"The case will go through the normal process of Kenton County juvenile court," he said.

Dykes said that the schools are getting back to normal after the disruption and that all activities are resuming as planned, except for a Friday district-wide event that was canceled earlier.

Knauf said that he did not believe that there were any credible threats of violence. "The suspect, based on our evidence, probably didn't have the wherewithal to continue with these threats," he said. "However, post-Columbine High School, you have to take these threats seriously."

Officers "saturated" the campus, Knauf said.

He added that he hopes that parents will use the situation as "a teachable" moment.

"You can't do this Look at the panic throughout the community," he said. "And if you do, there are serious consequences for your actions. We will find you and you will have to pay the price."

-Michael Monks, editor & publisher

Photo: Scott High School (file)