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Robert Redford Film Expected to Shoot in Latonia this Week

Hollywood's extended stay in the region will bring a Robert Redford vehicle back to Northern Kentucky.

The Old Man and the Gun thrilled Newport last week when it shot scenes outside the Heritage Bank on Monmouth Street. Screen legend Robert Redford and co-star Casey Affleck were on hand for that shoot.

This week, the movie's production is expected to land in Latonia.

The City of Covington announced late last week that a "private filming session" would force road closures in the area of Winston Avenue between Southern Avenue to West 39th Street; West 38th Street between Tibbatts Street to Church Street; Decoursey Avenue between Southern Avenue to West 34th Street; East 35th Street between Decoursey Avenue to Church Street; and Inez Street between the bend on Inez to Decoursey Avenue.

Those streets will be closed on Wednesday from 8 a.m. to Thursday at 5 a.m. according to an announcement from the City of Covington last Thursday.

The film may shoot at Lynna's Grill, it was reported on social media in March. That diner has seen a couple of big productions in its day, mostly for commercials.

The Old Man and the Gun is the true story that originated in a 2003 New Yorker essay about a career bank robber, who died in 2004 at the age of 83. Redford plays lifetime criminal Forrest Tucker. Along with Redford and Affleck, the film also stars Sissy Spacek and Danny Glover.

Production has landed in areas across the Greater Cincinnati region, including Newport, Hamilton, Oh., and around Bethel, Oh. Which actors may be on site in Latonia is not clear.

-Michael Monks, editor & publisher

Photo: Robert Redford crosses Monmouth Street in Newport last week during a shoot (RCN file)

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