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Covington Neighborhoods Targeted by $5,000 Grants for Artists

Seven Covington areas are the target of a new round of creative community grants from the Center for Great Neighborhoods.

In determining the focus areas for this round of grants, The Center worked with residents and community groups from four Covington neighborhoods  - Latonia, Lewisburg, Westside, and what it is calling "the Eastern Four neighborhoods" of Helentown, Austinburg, Wallace Woods, and Levassor Park - to identify what aspect of their community they would like grant applicants to address.

Each neighborhood spent time carefully crafting a description of what they’re looking for, the Center said in a news release, including some specifics about what they want to see proposals address, but in general, they all have an emphasis on engaging residents and activating public spaces for a more connected community.

Some of the focus areas include:

  • Latonia: Drive Community engagement amongst residents and business owners

  • Lewisburg: Improve connectivity to downtown Covington and Devou Park

  • The Westside: Activate and improve vacant lots and underutilized spaces

  • Eastern Four Neighborhoods: Attract families with children

“I think it’s really interesting that when given a chance to focus on any aspect of improving their community, all of these neighborhoods just want to see their public spaces improved, and done in a way that creates a unique place for residents in their neighborhood to gather, engage, and enjoy,” said Shannon Ratterman, program manager at The Center. “These are exactly the types of projects that creative placemaking strategies are so good at addressing, and we can’t wait to see big changes from a relatively small investment.”

Grants will be awarded to anyone identifying as an artist, defined broadly by The Center as an individual or group engaging in creative pursuits including but not limited to performance art, folk art, architecture, visual art, design, culinary arts, and more. Applicants do not have to live or work in Covington, but a connection to the Covington community is ideal. Four grants, one per community, worth $5,000 each will be awarded in this round.

The Center’s Creative Community Grants are funded through a multi-year grant The Center received from The Kresge Foundation to implement creative placemaking activities in Covington.

Individuals interested in applying for a Creative Community Grant are encouraged to attend an information session on Tuesday, May 30 at 6pm at The Center. Applications are due at 4 p.m. on Monday, June 26. Decisions will be made by Monday, July 31. More information about Round Six Creative Community Grants, and about previously funded projects, can be found online at

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