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Taylor Mill Neighbors Concerned About Apartment Community's Expansion

The expansion of an apartment community has further upset neighbors in Taylor Mill.
Jane Frantz, a resident of Redbud Drive, complained Wednesday night to the Taylor Mill city commission that CMC Properties has not appropriately marked off the necessary buffer between The Farm apartment expansion and homes like Frantz's. One of the trees on her property, Frantz said, has suffered a gash. CMC was expected to mark off the property line and not excavate within fifteen feet of it. Instead, Frantz claimed, workers have encroached up to 28 feet upon her property. When part of her property had been cleared, Frantz called police.
Frantz urged city leaders to ensure that a construction fence be fully installed along with a clear marking of the 15-ft. bugger area. 
City Administrator Jill Bailey said that she contacted CMC president Jim Cohen, and he has put up another partial fence. Mayor Dan Bell told Maintenance Director Marc Roden to go to the site on Thursday and make sure the fence and the 15-ft. markers were put up all the way along the property line so that the bulldozers know exactly where they can clear and where they can't. Mayor Bell said that the city does not want any more trespassing mistakes.
City Attorney Frank Wichmann said that he had been involved in a similar case of trespass where the company cleared land that belonged to someone else, and according to Kentucky laws, the property owner was awarded triple the damages. He advised Frantz that she had the upper hand in this.
"You are talking about a lot of money," he said. "Thousands and thousands of dollars. I know you don't care about the money, you care about the trees, but the threat of getting the money is leverage you can use."
Bailey said issuing a stop-work order is not an option, because it is written into the agreement that if someone has a problem, the owner has 60 days to fix the problem. Bailey let Cohen know about the problem on May 3 or 4, she said.
"We're not going to let (CMC) provide us with lip service," Bell said.
Other residents also spoke of their concerns related to construction of The Farm expansion.
Other notes:
Stop signs will be installed at Highridge Drive and Wayman Branch, and Highridge and Ivy Ridge Drive.
The city and residents will split the cost to reconstruct Rosewood Drive. Commissioner Mark Kreimborg voted against the idea, arguing that he was mayor when the street was constructed and he recalled that the developer of the street agreed to fix it as his cost. The street leads to Oxford Hills apartments off Taylor Mill Road.
Johnny Williams was hired as the new full-time firefighter.
Written by Patricia A. Scheyer, RCN contributor