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County, Brighton Center Address Expansion of Recovery Center in Cold Spring

The planned purchase of the former Campbell Lodge Boys Home property in Cold Spring has caused concern among city officials there.

The Brighton Center has entered into a purchase agreement to acquire the property from the Diocese of Covington for the purpose of expanding its recovery operations for addicted females. The Brighton Center and Campbell County Judge/Executive Steve Pendery issued statements related to the development in recent days.

Each statement is published in full, below.

Brighton Center statement

Brighton Center, Inc. has entered into a purchase agreement with the Diocese of Covington to purchase 50 acres surrounding the property at 5161 Skyline Drive in Campbell County. This agreement will allow Brighton Center to begin the planning stages for an expansion of the Brighton Recovery Center for Women. This successful program in Florence provides long-term housing and supportive recovery services for women in recovery from drug or alcohol use.  

Since opening in 2008, the Brighton Recovery Center has focused on peer driven recovery, intensive case management, and a holistic continuum of care. The women in this program are accountable to each other and program requirements, including remaining drug-free.

The Brighton Recovery Center has maintained some of the most impactful statewide outcomes among the graduates of the program including a significant reduction in the use of illicit substances, a significant decrease in criminal justice involvement, increase in employment, and attainment of stable housing.

“With the need for recovery services still being great in the Northern Kentucky area, we believe this expansion will help relieve existing waiting lists and save lives. We are hopeful that this potential expansion will allow more individuals to receive the necessary treatment for the disease of addiction and become successful members of this community,” said Tammy Weidinger, Brighton Center President and CEO.

Women at the Brighton Recovery Center are connected to an array of additional Brighton Center programs and services to build and maintain life skills. Workforce Development services offered include assistance with personal branding, resume writing, job searching, and interviewing skills. Financial Services provides the women with financial education such as money management skills, budgeting, credit building, and credit repair along with providing one-on-one financial sessions. The women are also connected with classes on topics such as maintaining healthy relationships, parenting skills, relapse prevention, nutrition, and coping mechanisms to maintain recovery.

For more information on the impact of Brighton Recovery Center for Women, click here.

From Campbell County Judge/Executive Steve Pendery

“Late (Thursday), I learned that a purchase agreement including properties at 5161 Skyline Drive in unincorporated Campbell County has been finalized. The transaction between two private parties, the Diocese of Covington as seller and Brighton Center as buyer, was completed as it ought to have been: in private and without interference from government. Why do I say that?

The Campbell County Fiscal Court was not a party to this transaction, so it would have been inappropriate and unlawful for us to disclose any information prior to the parties completing their negotiations. The County, having planning and zoning jurisdiction over this property in the unincorporated area, was simply asked to determine if the site’s existing zoning would accommodate the proposed use should the deal close. We advised the parties the record shows the zoning for the property has allowed for a residential treatment facility since 1980. That being the extent of our involvement, we had no business divulging confidential details.

I completely understand that there has sometimes been wild speculation about what will be proposed for the site so that, at this point, people are entirely justified in worrying over what might happen there.

Brighton Center’s intent in purchasing the property is to use what was once a home for troubled boys as a home for women recovering from substance abuse issues. For nine years now, they have run such a program in a 100-bed facility in Boone County called the Brighton Recovery Center for Women, with a proven track record and a high success rate. They have done so with no official or unofficial complaints in all that time from the neighbors. That is a better record than the Campbell Lodge Boys’ Home had.

Given the desperate need for treatment beds in Northern Kentucky, and the fact that there are several hundred people living in the neighborhoods of Cold Spring alone who have substance abuse problems and who are not undergoing treatment, I think we all might be wise to give Brighton Center a chance to explain their concept and mission before we criticize or condemn them.

Substance abuse is not someone else’s problem. These are our sons and daughters we are talking about. They need our help. It is safer for everyone to have them in recovery.”

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