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Ludlow, Kenton County to Pursue Buildings at Master Commissioner Sale

The City of Ludlow and the Kenton County Fiscal Court will seek to acquire two buildings at auction next week.

The Kenton County Fiscal Court earlier this month authorized Judge/Executive Kris Knochelmann to spend up to $18,000 to acquire 506 West 12th Street/Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd. The county has acquired multiple nearby properties as it prepares to renovate the historic Bavarian Brewery site to be the new home for the county government.

506 West 12th is headed to the master commissioner's sale following litigation involving the county. It is currently owned by Martin Elias Properties and is appraised at $36,000. The county's plans for the surrounding buildings are unknown. They could be razed or they could be included in the project somehow.

506 West 12th Street/MLK Blvd. (via Kenton Co. PVA)

At last week's Kenton Fiscal Court caucus meeting, the latest details of the Bavarian's redevelopment were revealed. Bids from general contractors for the project will be opened publicly on June 19 at 10 a.m.

Pending negotiation of a successful contract, the Fiscal Court could vote to approve a contract on June 21 at 1 p.m.

Public comment period and public meetings will take place between June 22 and July 7.

The contract execution is expected by July 19.

Kenton Co. Fiscal Court gets update on Bavarian project (RCN)

When the Bavarian project is completed, it is anticipated that the county government would be able to move from the Kenton County Administration Building on Court Street to the new site over a weekend. Jillian's Way has been renamed Simon Kenton Way to better reflect the new use of the building, and the Fiscal Court is exploring funding options for a possible tribute to Simon Kenton, the 18th century pioneer for whom the county is named.

Meanwhile, in Ludlow, the city seeks to acquire a prominent corner building on Elm Street.

City council authorized the mayor and city administrator to use an unknown amount of funds to acquire 333-335 Elm Street. That property is currently owned by the heirs of Ernest Moore, according to court records, and is headed to next week's master commissioner's sale following a legal battle with the city.

"The city does have the full intention of placing an offer," said City Administrator Elishia Chamberlain. "The goal is to obtain it. That way, we have some control over who ends up occupying it. It is obviously a move for the aesthetic cohesiveness (of Elm Street)."

The city, Chamberlain said, would not seek to develop the building, but would seek developers to buy it from the city. "We just want to recoup whatever money we put into it to obtain it and then it would be sold for however much we need to recoup," she said. "The goal isn't to make money or develop it."

Last year, the building was including on The River City News's list of 9 River City buildings that should be restored.

The Kenton County Master Commissioner's sale is scheduled for Tuesday, May 30 at the Kenton County Courthouse in Covington at 10 a.m.

Written by Michael Monks, editor & publisher

Top photo: 333-335 Elm Street in Ludlow (RCN file)

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